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    Sally Sparrow would have been one hell of a companion. 

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The Comic Crypt: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Comic Miniseries To Launch Next Month!Read More Here:http://www.horrorsociety.com/2014/09/16/comic-crypt-sleepy-hollow-comic-miniseries-launch-next-month/


    The Comic Crypt: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Comic Miniseries To Launch Next Month!

    Read More Here:

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    how to draw a sheep: draw a cloud, legs, a circle for the head and there you have it
    a sheep

    someone draw a sheep using these instructions


    this rlly helped i think this is the best sheep i have EVER drawn!!!

    its very good !!

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  5. a discussion on sexual orientation

    me: *explaining various sexual orientations to a classmate*
    classmate: wait, what's polyamory?
    me: well, it's when someone has more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.
    professor: *overhears from front of class*
    professor: that is d i s g u s t i n g
    me: *defensively* um, actually, no it's--
    professor: how DARE they put a greek prefix on a latin root like that?! What right do they have to decimate my beautiful antiquated languages?!?! GREEK AND LATIN DO NOT FRATERNIZE THIS IS LIKE THAT STUPID ROMANTIC SUBPLOT BETWEEN THAT DWARF AND THAT ELF IN THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!
    me: ....
    me: ....
    me: ....
    professor: it should be polyerosy

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    Food Geometry [mrlovenstein]

    There is penultimate truth in this imagery.

  7. Atoll Comics: Eye On Hawkeye #20 →



    A look at the complex timeline of Hawkeye #20


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    "you’ll understand when you’re older"

    i am older and i understand absolutely nothing